Flowstyle Shows

No wind – no fun? Never ever! That’s why I invented flowstyle windsurfing! Check out my flowstyle windsurf shows and learn more about spectactular moves and tricks on a windsurf board in low wind conditions. It’s big fun to watch . The audience loves it. And I love to entertain the audience – whether they are experienced windsurfers or not. You are welcome to book my flowstyle windsurf show for your event – all around the world!

Private Lessons

Come to Bonaire – the island in the Caribbean where windsurfing is so easy to learn in knee-deep warm water – and enjoy some of my exclusive private windsurf lessons. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or already an advanced windsurfer – you’re highly welcome! Windsurfing is big fun and I’ll make sure my windsurf lessons are going to make you happy and satisfied. After each lesson you’ll have a bigger smile in your face!

USA tour 2015

Leaving the island and going on an adventure sure sounds nice huh?
Well it can be a hassle when it comes to traveling with a big double boardbag.
We made it here and I will make […]

Another day at the beach

Chilling on shore while recovering from my knee injury

Kuma Movie presents “NB 13 Caesar Finies 2015 part1”

Again the filming bear from Japan shot me with his cam! He really did risk his health and his hairy coat to get the best shots. Kuma is such a brave guy! Enjoy watching his […]

2015: Flowstyle at Jibe City Bonaire

Windsurfing without wind? It’s fun! Check my latest flowstyle moves! Did you really think the universal always is needed for windsurfing? I don’t think so… There is much more coming up soon! Stay tuned and […]

North Sails, DaKine & Jibe City are my supporters!

An ultra-light and durable rig is extremely helpful for freestyle and flowstyle moves as well. I’m extremely happy to be supported by North Sails. This perfect gear makes it so much easier to optimize the […]

Hail Mary: my signature move

Some call it “The Caesar Throw”, I call it “Hail Mary”. It doesn’t really matter too much. Did you ever see it? Standing on a wide beginner board or an SUP I disconnect my sail […]

Welcome to my website!

Whenever you need a smile on your face come over to Bonaire or just visit my website. This is the place where you’ll find all the news coming from me. It’s my intention to bring […]